Pastor Brent Rudoski

Senior Pastor

Brent Rudoski and his wife Barb are the Senior Pastors of Faith Alive Family Church in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Pastor Brent’s message exhorts the body of Christ to stop worrying about making themselves comfortable in church and to start making sure God is comfortable there. He says that when we seek after the face of Jesus instead of His hand, every need we have will be met and our churches will become healthy. Pastor Brent boldly proclaims that anyone who calls on the name of Jesus will be rescued, recovered and restored just like he was 24 years ago when he came to know Jesus and was instantly set free from drugs and alcohol.

The best way to describe his preaching style is to say he comforts the afflicted and afflicts the comfortable.  As you sit under his teaching, you will be challenged, encouraged and provoked to lay aside your own agenda and follow hard after God.